Sara Ajster

Sara Ajster is an Architect and Draftsperson for Hutter Architects whose primary responsibility is to actively manage projects from start to finish, from creating the schematic designs, and moving them forward through permitting to overseeing construction to its completion. Sara is known for her dedication and persistence in finding solutions to the questions and obstacles that inevitably arise during any project and her flexibility and ease in adjusting to those necessary changes. In particular, Sara is a master at navigating non-standard projects through the municipal labyrinth toward an approved building permit.

Sara graduated University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies in May 2005 and has been employed at Hutter Architects since 2006. Sara has always been interested in construction and buildings, and was inspired to study architecture after falling in love with the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

“I love that at Hutter Architects I can see a project through from start to finish. It’s satisfying to work on every aspect of a project, and it allows me to hone my knowledge and diversify my skill as an architect.”