Our Philosophy

Hutter Architects’ design philosophy is centered on creating sustainable spaces to help people thrive. A new home or place of business becomes a positive backdrop and a catalyst for whatever one’s goals may be. We believe that when your space supports who you are in every way, you are freer to go into the world and do extraordinary things.

Hutter Architects listens intently to our clients and provides precisely those services required to meet that client’s specific needs. We excel at developing just the right design and then leading and managing that design toward a successful end result that delights the client.

Our Values

Commitment to our Client’s Success

We know our clients’ goals, expectations and priorities for project cost, quality, and delivery time by actively listening to them and then confirming our understanding back to them.

Focus on a Proven Process to Assure our Client’s Success

This process ensures efficiency and quality, and may be customized to meet our client’s unique goals, keeping clients empowered to express their unique creativity.

Design the Physical Environment to Nurture and Transform Our Clients

We first understand the existing environment and the effect it has on its inhabitants. With this as context we design a new environment / space / building that achieves the goals expressed by our client.

Excellence in Construction Documents and Construction Administration Services

We communicate and execute new and innovative designs.

Practice in the Highest Ethical Manner

We will help our clients understand codes, laws, and ordinances and to understand their obligation as property owners to uphold them. We will treat all as we wish to be treated, with truth and integrity.

Provide Impeccable Stewardship of Resources

Our client’s budget and time The earth’s materials- using resources to their highest advantage and purpose. The contractor’s budget and time Our fee and the profits we derive from this work

Provide a Nurturing and Educational Environment

We create a virtual and physical space that fosters creativity for all, including clients, contractors, and employees.