Joe Loughlin

Joe Loughlin is a Principal and Business Manager for Hutter Architects. Joe oversees continuous improvement for the firm, upholding office processes and devising ways to hold everyone even more accountable in the work we do for our clients.

Joe is the one person at Hutter Architects who is not trained or licensed as an architect, and this gives him a unique vantage point from which to contribute to the firm. While the architects naturally keep a tight focus on the building’s needs and the on the needs of the client relative to the building, Joe views project management only from a client perspective. He continually asks such questions as: Are we communicating enough? What are we communicating? Where can we do better for our clients?

Joe also enjoys getting to solve problems for people both in the office and out of the office, and to figure out ways to prevent those problems from happening again. In spite of designs and documents that say exactly what they need to say, there are sometimes unavoidable issues that crop up during design and especially construction. Even when problems seem to be insurmountable, Joe has an excellent track record of making everything right.

Joe brings 35 years of business experience as President of his own an industrial marine staffing company. Joe graduated from Illinois State, Bloomington, Illinois, with dual majors in Mathematics and Chemistry. Additionally Joe is a lifelong golfer and holder of several prestigious titles. His practice and devotion to golf has contributed much to his discipline in focusing on any job that needs to be done.

“In the past I’ve hired an architect to design an addition to my home, and I fired that architect. I have also hired an architect to design and manage the building of a new not-for-profit school I was very involved with. The latter was a much better experience. I know what the experience of “client” is first hand and I am committed to making the experience of being a Hutter Architects client a very deliberate, high quality occurrence.”