Green Homes

Designs for a brighter future


There is great interest in greener buildings today however there is also much “greenwashing.” These are processes and materials that appear to be environmentally friendly but on closer inspection are no better than current solutions. An example of this might be the tearing up a perfectly good oak floor, only to replace it with sustainably grown bamboo. How much better simply to refinish and update the existing floor! Hutter Architects is committed to designs that go beyond appearances to provide a long-lasting positive impact on the world around us.


There are many people, typically young families, who are faced with the problem of a growing need for more space who are also committed to sustainability, sticking to a budget, and staying in the city. Their preference for an urban location supports their green mission because its walkability, access to public transportation, proximity to work, shopping, and amenities adds to the family’s environmentally friendly mission.

One option is to purchase an existing city home and make it greener through upgrades with more efficient mechanicals, structural changes and superior insulation. While this can be an excellent solution it can be challenging to find the right property in a chosen neighborhood.


In response to this increasingly common need for a truly eco-friendly house in a specific neighborhood, Hutter Architects has designed a state-of-the-art “Green Home” to fit perfectly on a standard city lot. Many well-priced lots are currently available, and the couple first finds that perfect building lot in just the right neighborhood. Hutter then works with them to create a customized design tailored exactly to their budget, needs, and vision. Key features include highly livable yet efficient floor plans that provide inviting first level open spaces to encourage family gathering, and private, quiet bedroom spaces above. A masonry Trombe wall dramatically rises up the center of the house, radiating round-the-clock warmth throughout in winter while retaining an even coolness from the high-efficiency cooling system during summertime. A high-efficiency fireplace or wood stove may augment another heating system, and that heat would also be channeled through the Trombe wall. Skylights bring additional solar heat and brightness into the home.


Hutter Architects always takes a holistic approach to home design, and the green home is a prime example of this: Livability, sustainability, economics, and functionality are all in the very essence of the design, not an afterthought to be retrofitted later. The result optimizes all these critical factors and makes a Hutter Architects Green Home the house of choice for the environmentally conscious urban family.