Deborah Moore Kent

Every aspect of bringing a project from client vision to completion. Debbie interfaces with clients and users to understand their needs and dreams and how those relate to client resources and land or structures they may currently own or are seeking. She continues to interact and communicate with clients through completion of the project. Specific responsibilities include: preparing proposals and RFP’s, designing structures, interior design services (i.e. detailing, color and material selection), preparing drawings, procuring permits and other governmental approvals, construction administration, preparing budgets and timelines, and overall project management.

Beyond delivering top-notch architectural services, Debbie’s most important contributions to Hutter Architects include high organization and outstanding and efficient communication with clients and co-workers. If I Debbie says she will do something, it will be done! This mentality keeps Hutter Architects’ clients happy and on schedule. Additionally Debbie’s dual experience as a mom and an Architect brings a unique and highly valuable viewpoint to Hutter Architects’ residential projects. Many young couples/families aren’t clear what they want or need for their future homes. Debbie can offer her valuable perspective to help guide them through the design process.

Debbie graduated Rice University in Houston Texas with a BA-Architecture and Art History in 1986, and a Bachelor of Architecture in 1988. Debbie has worked with Pam Hutter for 15 years, and for Hutter Architects since 2001. Debbie has received several professional awards including being a Finalist for the Steedman Fellowship Competition, and Honorable Mention for the Burnham Prize.

“I chose a career in architecture because I love designing and I enjoy working with people. The field of architecture takes my best traits and allows me to use them to create great places for our clients. I believe that if you are in a beautiful environment it will affect how you feel, work, live! And I love that change for the better is something I get to do every day!”