We begin the Programming Phase by interviewing you about the overall project as you envision it. The conversation covers such things as the size of the project, its purpose, the number of people using the space, the number and types of rooms desired, your tastes and style, etc. Through this discussion your vision is refined from a very general concept to more complete ideas with ever-increasing degrees of specificity.   Any feelings or notions that seem even remotely relevant to your vision are of interest to us, and we take copious notes during this first interview. The meeting minutes are later transcribed into “Program Parameters” which we review together and revise as necessary. 

Through this step we get an initial understanding of what you want for your project. We also discuss budget so that we develop a design within your budget. If you do not have a budget, we can help you develop one. As the project progresses the Program Parameters document is frequently referred to, thus bringing integrity and discipline through all phases of the work and insuring the success of the project.

If you are not sure of the viability of your project, programming can also include Feasibility Studies. We can provide services to assist you in obtaining a survey or other documents you may need to help create certainty around the viability of your project. We can create an initial budget and schedule for the entire project, and we can create a work plan itemizing any engineering or other consultants required by the scope, the fees associated with these consultants, and their timelines to execute their portions of the project. In essence, we tailor a process and a work plan specifically for your project, your goals, and your questions, be they large or small. We also provide the management needed to fulfill that work plan either entirely in-house at Hutter Architects, Ltd. or by utilizing outside consultants.