Construction Documents

The Construction Document Phase involves very intense work on our part. In fact, most of the hours we spend on the entire project happen in this phase.   At this point we take your approved final Design Development drawings and create detailed drawings and specifications that the contractor uses during construction. Depending on the complexity of the project, we may specify such things as the foundation size and depth as well as the height and thickness of the walls. We specify the type of building materials to be used. 

The drawings show the layout of the plumbing lines and fixtures, the electrical wiring systems, light fixtures, and other electrical details, the heating and cooling system and where the duct work will run. If applicable, we may show the roof details, extent of overhang, and how it shall be framed. We indicate the type of flooring to be used, the paint color and type, and other decorative specifications. In short, everything a reasonable contractor needs to build the project will be found on or can be inferred from these Construction Drawings and Documents.