Construction Administration

The last phase is the Construction Administration Phase and occurs during construction. The point of this phase is to be sure the project is built as we have drawn it in Construction Documents. The importance of this is rather obvious: All the value we have created in designing the project according to your desires is dependent on the contractor actually building it according to the plans. To that end, we suggest that we make frequent visits to the site to observe the construction. In addition, sometimes the contractor may, during the course of construction, contemplate a better way of constructing a component or wish to substitute a different material than that specified by us in the drawings. We review any suggested substitute design or material and either allow it or not based on its relative merit and cost as well as other implications to the project. 

A seemingly minor construction deviation from the architect’s drawings, that on the face of it seems insignificant, could result in an unwanted consequence which may not be apparent until the project is complete and it is too late to correct. Our oversight here is critical to insure that the project gets built as it was drawn.