Bidding and Negotiation

Bidding & Negotiation involves organizing a bidding process, making a contractor selection, and negotiating a construction contract. Some clients have a contractor in mind. In other cases, the client may have a favored contractor but also wants to consider other contractors and create competitive bidding. In still other cases, the client may have no idea of which contractor to use or may be inexperienced in the selection process. Selecting a contractor and negotiating the construction contract is an extremely important part of the project and should be conducted judiciously. As highly experienced architects we have a proven selection process that will make it easy for you to choose the best contractor for you and your specific project.

Navigating the contractor negotiation “minefield” requires a skill most clients do not posses. It is for that reason that even though it is the client’s responsibility to get a building permit according to most governing jurisdictions, except in rare cases we will do that work on your behalf. While we are very familiar with this process and it most often goes very well, it sometimes happens that building department interpretations are so adversarial to the client’s interest that the process of obtaining a building permit becomes protracted and costly. In these rare cases, we make every effort to see this anticipate these issues and advise you accordingly in advance.