Rooted Rooftop

The Client’s Garage was a sleeper project. Not high on the radar for projects you would think to sing about. Fantastic client, but it was just a two-car garage. Wait, not so fast, as this garage would solve their problem of not enough direct sun in the yard as the garden expanded to the top of the garage and the electrical brought to the garage would be enough to charge two future electric vehicles. The garage itself would double as a garden party space hosting their anniversary party and then at least one pre-prom gathering we know of.

What makes this project great is that at the root it is sustainable. Its simple functionality literally gives rise to an increase in available planting area which produces significantly more CO2, and local vegetables for that matter, than the previous garage which basically just sat there being a garage and had literally reached the end of its useful life. The new structure for carrying the raised bed garden plots, the new underground electrical service, doing the most with the least, all in the interest of meeting needs sustainably makes this a great project worthy of some attention.

Hutter Architects is proud of the fact that this client chose us to bring their idea to fruition. We are also proud of the fact that the Garden Club of Oak Park and River Forest chose to include this Garden on their 2017 tour this Sunday, June 25.

Information and tickets are available here
We’ll see you at the Garden Walk.