Award Winning Sustainability

“Excellence in High Performance” was awarded for a Lincoln Park, Chicago home designed by Hutter Architects on November 14, 2014. The award was given by the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago to MAW Chicago, the General Contractor for the project. The home beautifully merges preservation and sustainability and proves that “the greenest home is one already built.”

Hutter Architects is a proponent of the following sustainability tenets:

1. Walkable communities and access to public transportation can decrease car trips
2. Insulation including thermal, air, moisture, and vapor barriers, can be more economical than the cumulative long term energy costs these barriers supplant.
3. Quality objects that will last are superior to cheap objects that will deteriorate and need replacement sooner.
4. Carbon footprints of local materials can be less. This works for countertops as well as tomatoes.
5. Homes can be filled with love, happiness, and memories, which can be more meaningful than stuff.